Matters need attention when you design the woven labels

There are many points that need to be paid attention to in the production and post-processing of woven labels.Designers and manufacturers should be aware that there are certain widths that machines cannot produce.These matters are related to the design and production quality of clothing labels, a little careless will lead to problems in the design and production.For example, machine vibration can cause yarn to break.  Or after the process machine can not be done, need factitious operation and  increase the cost. 

The following are some limitations of woven label production machine. 

1. Width Limits 

Computer machine, the minimum width of 1cm, less than 1cm need manual cutting, scrap rate is high, high cost.There is no upper limit for width, up to 110cm. 

Wooden shuttle machine, width between 1-5cm. 

Hook edge machine, width between 0.6-3.5cm. 

2. Weaving color limitation 

Computer machines, a wide range of options, up to 12 colors, including gold, silver, black and other metal yarn

Wooden bobbin machine can only have 4 colors at most (including the background color). However, gold, silver, black and other metal yarn can not be used for satin knitting marks.High temperature of the machine will easily lead to yarn fracture.Hot color process is a special process of wooden shuttle machine, other machines can not do. 

Hook edge machine, can only woven up to 4 colors. 

3. Production time 

Computer machines and wooden shuttles generally take 3-5 days to make samples and 7-10 days to produce bulk goods. 

It takes 5-7 days to make samples and 10-20 days for the production.

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Matters need attention when you design the woven labels 2
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