Neck labels glossary

What is the fold way of clothing woven labels?

clothing woven labels 1

Centerfold – Woven or Printed label folded from the center, horizontally or vertically. Stitching

                      performed on loose ends opposite of folded portion. * 0.8”(2cm) Minimum for

                      woven labels.

clothing woven labels 2

End Fold – Woven labels folded on the left and right side of label. Usual seam allowance starts

                   from 1/8”(0.3cm). Stitching is performed on the inside of the inward fold.

clothing woven labels 3

Straight Cut – A label that is cut and finished on all sides. End user usually sews in from all four

                         sides. Mainly used for patches or outer labels for accessories.

clothing woven labels 4

Mitre Fold – Also called a Manhattan fold, were the rectangular ends are beveled to be stitched

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