neck labels

custom woven neck labels

An article of clothing brands, how lead standard is made of this, led the teacher take written by design drawing to write after flowers, with professional woven label machine, and then for subsequent processing, there are mainly shear fold, fold, folded in half, slicing and so on, need a hard can have a slurry, etc., the above method obtained from miss ren  label in practice.

For example, if you want to sell clothes, it is best to do a piece of clothing tag, with a tag, so that guests feel the value of clothes after buying. The same clothes, some of the real material is good, and indeed can be worth hundreds of dollars, but no brand, the first impression of the discount. A set of tag tag is also a few cents, there is a tag tag tag tag clothing price can also be sold higher.

KSTHL is a trademark factory, is a well-known clothing brand suppliers, international leading standard, often referred to as embroidery stitch on neckline or waistband position about the costume’s brand and size of the logo and label is sewn on the collar, can two sewing or folded sewing, made of cotton, nylon, white, black satin, satin ribbon, synthesis, etc., led the content can be a word, Can also be English, LOGO, etc.

neck labels
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