These stories of my customer and me 1- personalized tags for clothing


personalized tags for clothing

When we offer a price to new customers, the most common feedback we get is that your price is too high and there are other garment label makers who offer us a better price.

In fact, it’s quite normal for someone to underquote us.Because you are not our long-term customer and the quantity is relatively small, we cannot calculate according to the unit price.And we will never be able to get the lowest price. There will always be someone who will offer less than what you are getting. Custom fabric tags for clothing is really cheap clothing labels if acount by unit.

So it’s the quality that gives you value, not the price of the product.

Woven damask tag, custom designed patches, clothing hang tags and other accessories are often with the brand logo, it is the most direct contact with the customer brand value place.

It’s not unusual for someone to underquote us.As you are not our long-term cooperation client, I expect you to have such doubts.

About our quotation,I have two things to explain to you.

1.Without knowing our quality, how can you compare whose price is higher and whose price is lower?Only the quotation given by the two companies with the same quality and material can be compared. And we only do personalized sewable labels.

Please refer to our product parameters:

Density : 160picks

Yarn : 30Denier High quality polyester

Ultrasonic Cut edge

After finishing – Hot ironing

2.It is understandable even if our price is slightly higher than others’.It’s like a Gucci T-shirt and a generic brand T-shirt.Do you think it’s comparable?KSTHL is already a well-known LABELS manufacturer, and we maintain perennial cooperation with international first-tier brands.Our overheads, raw material levels are the highest.Our costs are naturally higher than those of ordinary factories.But our products are many levels above others’ products.Including after sale, you have security in every link.

Personalized tags for clothing

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