Crystal’s work diary 2- professional patch

professional patch

I’ve taken some videos in the past two days and uploaded them all to Youtube.Please check it out and leave me a comment. It will be improved based on your comments.

All vedio

All the videos filmed are of label tag for clothes. In the next few days, the videos of custom club patches and embroidery patches will be added. I have already found the products.I saw a type of unique iron on patches.Since I joined our company, the customer has placed orders every year.

But I hadn’t noticed what they were doing with it before.I didn’t get to know the this company until recently.It turns out they make pet related products,such as collars, dog toys, dog blankets and so on.And this series of eyes laser cut badge are all used on dog toys to make them more vivid.Their collars are made of rubber from recycled car tires, which is very environmentally friendly. The guest is a caring public welfare activists.

In last year’s epidemic event, a customer from Australia also made a large amount of customized damask labels to donate to public welfare organizations.

He/She who treats the world gently will be treated by the world gently.

Professional patch

In fact, this is also a good way to do publicity. The woven fabric labels design made by your  team,  and added your own logo in the design, and distributed garment tag to everyone along with the public welfare event.Not only can you experience the professional patch and label but you also get a good reputation. Maybe they will order custom patches online or order labels from you.

professional patch

Please do not redistribute it without permission. Thank you!

(From our customer’s website.No reprinting without permission!!!)

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