Recycled yarn woven label

Today I would like to introduce a recycled yarn woven label.

Recycled cotton yarn refers to the use of some in the process of spinning, weaving, clothing processing and production of leftover or waste silk as raw material, the reprocessing of the fiber material, which is produced by yarn. The properties or structures of the fibers are the same as those of natural fibers or chemical fibers.

Advantages of recycled yarn: In the field of textile, regenerated cotton yarn is an activity, cyclic economy is important both to achieve the fiber resources reuse, also gives the textile waste recycling connotation at the same time, a unique mode of circular economy, to improve the textile waste recycling and comprehensive utilization, adjust measures to local conditions to develop characteristic industry, the effective resources and environment restriction has positive significance.

If you want to reduce the use of plastic in your products, bioblend labels containing cotton, wool, hemp, or silk may be a better choice. If you don’t want to use raw materials, choose eco-friendly labels and labels made from recycled thread and paper.


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