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Satin woven labels

The satin does not weave small details and letters as well as the satin label and has a more obvious weave. Satin polyester thread braid the background, while plain satin polyester thread is used to braid the text and design on the label.

If you’re looking for some soft, luxurious sheen that has a retro look, you might be interested in satin woven labels.

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Why choose satin woven labels over damask

The price of satin and damask is the same, so it is difficult to choose. Most people who choose satin prefer the look and feel of the satin weave over the damask.  If you’re making vintage clothes or accessories, satin can be a great choice. It’s also great for baby clothes. If you want a label with a lot of color and detail, satin woven labels may not be for you because your background color options are limited.

Satin woven label vs damask labels

Satin woven labels is a kind of woven edge label, which has a smooth surface and woven edge, like silk. It’s starched. It looks very fancy. But the satin thread he had woven was a little thick; If the text is bold, the surface appears to be filled with small holes, but if the text is thin it is not obvious.

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Damask woven labels is one of the computerized woven labels. It is the high quality woven label; the threads are thinnest which can show fine details.

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Print labels vs woven labels

Different labels create different impressions, so choosing the right label is crucial for your product. Otherwise, you may jeopardize the style of the entire collection. But what’s the difference between printed labels and woven labels?

Print labels

Printed labels are often used for clothing and apparel, but it can also be used for accessories, footwear, furniture, and other brands and information that require custom printed labels.

The turnaround time of printed labels is faster than that of woven labels — not that the turnaround time of woven labels is slower or more expensive, it’s just a comparison. However, if you are producing a large order at the last minute, printing the label may take less time than other methods.

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Woven labels

Woven labels is widely used in clothing, textile and luggage industries. For example, woven labels can be used in garment factories, underwear factories, shoes factories, hat factories, bag factories, umbrella factories, textile factories, leather factories and household goods factories.Usually under the back collar of the jacket, or in the back of the bottom seam.The woven label is made by computer, and then woven by ultrasonic trimming.The woven marks produced by our company feel soft, do not hurt the skin, can make all kinds of complex patterns.What we show on this page is the main logo of woven label. The whole logo adopts white as the base, and the logo is multi-color combination, which gives people a sense of impact visually. All our products are customized, so we do not support taking stock.

Woven labels are considered a limited design because they are woven on a loom. Printed labels can use large palettes of colors to create complex, detailed designs.

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The difference between printing and woven

The price. Because it is easy to produce, printed labels are often the cheaper of the two products. Woven labels are made on a loom and require more attention, so cost more and the material tends to be more durable. Woven labels are more expensive, but it depends on the use and price of your clothes.

Quality of professionalism. You’ll notice that a lot of high-end fashion brands tend to use woven labels rather than printed labels. This is because they give the impression of being more extravagant and make your clothes seem more expensive. But the right labels can make lightweight clothes look just as professional.

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