Should the collar tag make the neck uncomfortable?

Summer is the season that most of girls like, because they can put on beautiful and fashionable clothes.But some girls don’t like the labels on their clothes sticking to their skin.Every now and then a little friction, the neck is red and itchy.So that some consumers just cut off the label on the collar when they buy new clothes.There are not a few consumers with this habit.But not everyone cuts off labels so smoothly. Some rip the collar, and while others don’t cut it completely, leaving the rough edges even more uncomfortable. 

Clothing manufacturers and designers put a lot of effort into the design and placement of collars, but customers apparently don’t appreciate it.Should I wear a collar tag on my clothes?How much trouble does the label bring? 

The neckline label, one of the clothing labels, seems to be in an awkward position.Especially warm underwear and summer clothes, with the collar label to wear meat prickly and itchy, cut off and easy to damage clothes carelessly.For this, many consumers face small neck tag,they are very vexed however. 

The label material with poor quality may contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, which will cause skin itching, especially for people with sensitive skin and children with delicate skin.However, the collar label of many clothes is getting bigger and bigger, and they are all sewn tightly, which makes it particularly difficult to disassemble. 

But some consumers think that only the label can prove that it is a famous brand, it is a pity to take it down. 

What collar tags hurt more? 

The collar tags are mostly made of polyester and pure cotton.The size is about two and a half knuckles long, and the position is generally at the back of the neck. 

Collar tag is also a part of clothing design.It pays great attention to color matching. Collar tag color matching must complement the shirt color to show the grade of clothes. 

Some clothing manufacturers use less expensive collar tags in order to save costs.The cheap labels are often made of poor material which makes them prickly to the touch.In addition to the material factor, the poor sewing technology of clothes can also contribute to the problem.Some men’s shirts have collars with only a few rough stitches at each end, which can easily cause the effect of rubbing up and down, and some have extra threads even if they are sewn along the edges, which can rub against the skin. 

Is there room for improvement? 

Underwear as a result of the most close to the body of the person, get the requirement of standard comfort is higher.Collars are mostly made of pure cotton or satin, and more and more brands are using printing technology to print their logos on their clothes.But labels printed directly on clothing will disappear with more and more washing.And bad businesses used ink may contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, can cause itching.Therefore, environment-friendly, washable, durable, high-quality woven labels are a better choice for garment manufacturers. 

Underwear will generally use pure cotton or silk material, more breathable, and the skin friction is small, rarely cause allergies, swelling and other problems.The label of the bra is a satin cloth label, sewn on the side of the bra and superimposed with the wash label, making it smooth to the touch.The collar tag of underwear is generally sewn in the middle of the waist, shorter and wider than the collar tag of the coat. 

What do merchants think of the label? 

They want to keep the brand identity 

The production of clothing with collars became popular in the 1990s, but back then garment factories were simply making a small cloth label.  Why does this little piece of cloth have to be sewn into the dress? According to GB5296.4-1998 “consumer goods instructions textiles and clothing instructions, product type or specification, using the method of the composition and content of raw material, washing and so on three content should use the durability of the labels, these labels must not only be fixed on the products, and to be able to withstand clothing products in the whole process of using and washing,  Make sure not to deform, fade and keep the handwriting clear and easy to read. 

Designers of each brand will be placed in the position of the collar logo, the choice of materials, the size of the area, the color of the configuration of care. 

The label is also called woven label. Each manufacturer has a long-term fixed cooperation label supplier. If the cost and quality of the label are general, the cost price may differ by more than ten times.Collar label design reflects the packaging of clothing, the most important is in line with the style of the brand, casual, elegant, formal and other different types of collars, font, typesetting, color identification will be different. 

“Label to comfort, cut not cut off is consumer demand.But this is after all a brand logo, the lead can do as much as possible not to let consumers feel redundant, can leave is the best, can be counted as a brand image.” 

Before the collar mark is to show the role of the brand, now there is a manufacturer general mark design hook style, convenient citizens need not hanger can be hung on the coat hook, added a part of practical function, also easy to retain the collar mark. 

Should the collar tag make the neck uncomfortable? 2
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