Sport patches– Symbol of the team

There are countless patches on to transform the old jeans in your closet into a new wardrobe staple! This simple patch plugin will make it a statement piece and change your fall look. Head to our website and start customizing your one-of-a-kind jeans!

custom mini team sport patches

Now, with the addition of custom mini team sport patches, you can have the same great quality and design options in a smaller package. We have already started the mini team sport patch and there is more work you can tell. There are also many existing designs that can be adapted to smaller sizes. You may not have enough room for a bigger patch on your equipment. You may want a smaller patch so you can install more stuff on your gear, or you may just need a smaller patch that doesn’t stand out like our larger hit team template.

Custom sports patches are the best way to make your sports team stand out from the crowd.

Sport patches– Symbol of the team

Your patch is a symbol that can confirm that you are all proud members!

The team colors are the ones you can wear with pride, the ones that bring all the players together, but you should consider adding some other colors, something more visible and lasting, like the team patches.

Sport patches
Sport patches-- Symbol of the team 5

list of 4 ways to incorporate

ironing patches into your back-to-school necessities!

In the laptop case

Stickers are out! Break new ground by attaching an iron to your iron-friendly laptop case!


There are plenty of places to attach your favorite iron to your backpack. It’s a key accessory to show personality and style.

Fabric zipper binding

Homework is 10 times more fun! Match your binder to your backpack and laptop bag to make it a complete package!

Jacket and hoodies

Before you know it, you’ll be wearing your best jacket. Virtual classes at home? No problem! You can strut into the most stylish and comfortable hoodie and walk right into the living room!

Print custom patches

Printing custom patches will change everything about custom patches. With these patches, you can become your own patch maker and completely design your own custom patches. Everything you create will be copied in a printed custom patch — every little detail. You can use millions of different colors in your designs and add special effects such as shadows, shadows and anything else you can create a one-of-a-kind patch.

Our printed custom patches are the latest wave in custom patches! These patches are a cheap alternative to traditional embroidery patches and have some benefits.

If you want to get away from traditional embroidery patches, printed patches are a great option. You can become your own patch maker and create and design your own custom Velcro patches.

While we know embroidery patches are a regular tradition and custom embroidery patches look absolutely fantastic, they do have some limitations. Small print is also a problem with embroidery – it’s really hard to make small print readable in embroidery. Again, as embroidery masters, we hand-digitized the small font to make it look absolutely the best it could be. But you don’t have any of these problems with the printing patch — the small print is readable and clear — and it looks great (although some of the letters are so small) but it’s still readable. Print custom patches with no color restrictions – you don’t have to worry about how to design the patch – use whatever color you want, create the patch you want and send it to us and we will create your patch. Each patch includes merrow and your choice of backbuckle – hooked side Velcro, iron on and no backbuckle – which means you’ll need to sew the patch onto your tactical gear.

Sport patches 2
Sport patches-- Symbol of the team 6
Sport patches 3
Sport patches-- Symbol of the team 7

PVC patches

PVC patches can be used in other clothing and accessories such as jackets, gloves, hats, bags, etc.

PVC patches are perfect for football, baseball and basketball games because the material is waterproof, and they can even be used by an entire swim team.

On top of that, PVC allows you to precisely replicate any logo the team previously chose, maintaining proportions and colors, which is not always easy to do when you print the logo directly on the T-shirt. Another advantage of this patch is that it is easy to install.

Sport patches 4
Sport patches-- Symbol of the team 8
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