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Why did you choose KSTHL Labels as your labels company? We are the original manufacturer, with high quality and good price to meet your requirements.

We are experienced in labels manufacturing and can provide you with the most suitable materials and styles.

You’ll spend a lot of time and money if you work with a partner who doesn’t produce tag clothing directly. 

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What is KSTHL Labels Company? 

Our company is a labels design, plate making, cutting, sewing, packaging and shipping to your country.

Steps to cooperate with us: 

Step 1: Choose materials, design, style, color, size list, know the price 

The second step: make samples, confirm or request modification 

High quality labels will be manufactured, reported and shipped to your country 

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What is a Hem Tag?  

The latest trend in the Tag industry is Hem Tag.  These labels are the little label labels that are folded out of clothes.  Usually on the bottom of the shirt, but not only!  

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How do you identify a clothing label?

The clothing brand label is generally placed some where inside the garment to identify the brand. Brand labels are also often placed on the outside of clothes to make the brand easily visible. Other labels provide tracking information such as lot labels.

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Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?

Is it legal to relabel the apparel with your own labels when you have purchased it wholesale through a different company? Yes, it is legal within given parameters. However, there are strict guidelines governing the practice.

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Why your labels should always come first reasons to start a clothing line with KSTHL Labels?

Start with your brand. 

KSTHL’s new pocket tag for any flannel 

Sure, you have the artistic skills, a compelling goal and a passion to achieve it.Well, before you make a custom T-shirt, let’s take all of this stuff out and build a killer brand. 

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Why does the right partner make all the difference?

Creating a clothing brand requires a lot of work.That’s why it’s important to decide which tasks to do and which to do by yourself. 

In most cases, it makes no sense to create clothes entirely on your own, as you’ll soon be spending more time cutting, printing and sewing than marketing and developing your brand.   

The KSTHL Labels brand supports emerging clothing lines as a trusted partner,offering superior design and high quality production.We know a lot about creating a clothing line because we do it ourselves. 

Now that you have a quality approach to branding and an experienced partner who understands your needs,it’s time to get on with the fun part of getting started with your design. 

Why is that?Your brand is your commitment to your customers. Its job is to clearly communicate the benefits you will offer your clients in exchange for their hard-earned money. 

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How to develop your brand with great design?

KSTHL Labels design puts creativity first.Use fabric, ink and thread to bring your designs to life.Using a single design platform will save you time and money, and you can simply use a single provider. 

Best of all,you can design t-shirts that are simpler than other start-up brands.This solution will make your design unique. 

Every design is reviewed by artists to make sure it’s perfect. 

Now that you have the freedom to design custom t-shirts, wouldn’t it be great to see before you order a bunch of them? 

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Why can samples save you time and money? 

New product pants label 

Online design is great because it allows you to experiment and experience and find designs you like.But once you fall in love with it online, how do you know you’ll fall in love with it in real life? 

At KSTHL Labels, we only create high quality products, and we want every customer to see the finished product before they place a large order. 

You should be as confident as we are that you will love this product.This is why there is no minimum requirement for KSTHL Labels design, please feel free to order samples. 

But what happens once you order a sample you absolutely love?

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 How can you save a lot of money with volume discounts

When you start your clothing line, nothing is more important than managing your budget.That’s why we automatically give a volume discount on each order.Any time you add something to your shopping cart,we apply for the best volume discount possible.

Even better, the more items you buy,the higher the discount and the greater the savings.You can also mix and match designs to buy the entire collection to get the highest possible discount. 

Well, you have a strong brand, a trusted partner, great design tools, an easy way to order samples, and you can save a lot of money on bulk orders.You’re well on your way to starting your own clothing line.

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 Bulk ordering saves time and brings consistency to your business 

Bulk ordering has many benefits, whether you’re a business owner or not, but the biggest benefit is consistency and, therefore, time saving measures. 

As a business owner, time is of the essence, so when you have the opportunity to take more time for yourself, jump at it.Ordering in bulk through KSTHL Labels means you don’t have to worry about the production and logistics of getting the product to you. 

We take over from the moment you place your order.By linking traditional retail practices with bespoke products, here we offer customers peace of mind with fast turnaround, competitive pricing and minimal risk.

After you place your order from your store, we get to work, crafting each order by hand in our own facilities and double-checking to make sure you get what you need, quickly.  Eliminating worries about production, shipping, and handling means you have more time to grow your business. 

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Take your business to the next level

We believe that starting a business should be easy, affordable and fun.Whether you are a shop owner, entrepreneur, independent artist or just starting out, we offer unmatched products, prices and service. 

From our seamless Creator studio to our help center, we’re here to cheer for you and your next business goal.Try your first order today! 

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