The difference between the three of them,computer embroidery and the overlock edge labels and the embroidery edge labels

Computer embroider plate-making to also say to digitizing,it is through the processing such as digitizing tol prepare pattern, guide or stimulate embroider machine and embroider frame to make the process of all sorts of movement that design needs.The designer of this process is the pattern maker.The term comes from the mechanical embroidery machine that records the stitches by punching holes in the tape.On both mechanical and electronic embroidery machines, the purpose of recording stitches is to allow the embroidery machine to recognize and perform its movements, perhaps with a needle attached to a horizontal or vertical bar, by mechanical means or with a mouse or more modern means to record the points needed to form the pattern. 

Method: put the drawing on the digital board, the direction is consistent with the direction of the drawing embroidered on the machine.  Don’t let it move when you’re working on it.  In the version of the most important is to study lofting, planning the starting point, planning the path of lofting, the arrangement of the number of color and color order and jump needle.  Begin to spend some time on the work above, it will prevent you from reworking and destroying the work.  Also plan the density of needles needed for the pattern.  Always keep the general idea of the pattern in mind. 

Merrow border tag and embroidery edge woven label: as the name implies, merrow border tag and embroidery edge woven label, they all have a definition of “edge”.Thestitching and woven labels are performed by ordinary yarn, while the embroidery edge woven labels are stitched by embroidery machine, which is compact and three-dimensional.On the price, the edge woven label will be relatively cheaper. 

embroidery edge
embroidery edge woven tag
overlock woven label
overlock woven label

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