The different types of clothing labels

Labels are not a functional part of clothing, but they are essential for many reasons Common labels in clothing include brand label, size label, attention label, flag label, manufacturer code label, line label and special label.Each tag has a specific purpose and carries some kind of information.Labels on clothing, in addition to fabrics, can be called accessories, an extremely wide range.

1. Brand or main label: 

The primary label indicates the brand name or logo of the company purchasing and selling the garment.Brand labels play an important role for customers, because customers only know this brand, they buy this brand.Brand level is related to product quality, durability and good feel factors.For example, we buy Levis jeans and Tommy Hilfiger shirts, Polo shirts, Zara dresses and so on. 

The label of the product brand name is called the brand label.There is no information on the product label other than the brand name. 

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2. Size label: 

Size labels define a set of specific body sizes.Size labels can only be printed later to indicate a specific size.For example, S is small, M is medium, and L is large.  Customers know which size fits them.When a customer goes shopping, he will choose clothes according to his or her size. 

Clothing sizing standards are based on the basic size of the human body, according to different styles, plus the appropriate amount of slack.Once the size of the garment is determined, it is the basis of the garment manufacturing. 

In some customer’s specification size table, in addition to marking the specification size,but also marked the main body size.If necessary, according to the size of the body, to determine the size of the correct or not.However, there is always a difference between the size of the garment and the actual manufacturing size, so the allowance is given on the customer’s size sheet.

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3. Care label: 

This label includes instructions on washing care and ironing.For more information on washing instructions, see Clothing Washing Instructions.The care label is attached to the side seam.The purpose of the care label is to warn the wearer of what not to do during washing, drying and ironing to preserve color, specially printed patterns, post-wash shrinkage and color bleeding issues.A care label may include little other information, such as 

Fiber content is also included in the care label.That is 40% poly and 60% cotton 

Country of origin:The name of the country where a particular product is produced is also written on the care label.For example, make in China, make in Italy. ]

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4. Flag Tags: 

A small label is attached to the side seam on the outside.Flag tags usually consist of brand logos and are used primarily as design features. 

In fact, the flag is the side logo, generally on the left or right side of the clothing products, is to decorate the clothing, make the clothing more beautiful and generous!  Let the product have a little red effect in the green leaves! 

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5. Manufacturer’s label: 

The label includes the manufacturer code provided by the buyer.Most international buyers source clothing from all over the world and distribute these garments around the world.If buyers need to track the manufacturer of a particular product, they use this code. 

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6. Special Label: 

100% cotton, organic cotton is an example of this special label.  Special labels are usually attached to attract customers’ attention at the time of purchase. 

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