The woven label has become the wealth asset of the enterprise virtually

The labels, also known as trademarks, are the brands of garment enterprises and become the intangible assets of enterprises.

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Size label,refers to the size of clothing, which is generally located at the bottom of the labels, and the material is the same as the labels. In the industrial production of clothing, the primary task of a clothing designer is to develop the shape of the sample for industrial use. The shape of the sample directly affects the mass production of clothing and the economic benefits of the enterprise.After the sample garment passes the review and decides to go into production, the formulation of garment specifications and sizes will be put on the agenda.It is related to the overall image of the product and the image of the enterprise, it is the publicity window of the enterprise brand, but also the production enterprise, marketing enterprise used for the production of clothing label.Each enterprise has its own registered label, which is prohibited from counterfeiting. Trademarks are divided into text labels, graphic labels and combined labels of text and graphics.Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the specificity, individuality, artistry and representativeness of commodities.

It is the symbol of the enterprise, on behalf of the enterprise credit, technical quality and market share, but make the size is a difficult and complex work, the designer not only to be keen, marks the specific evaluation will be put into production the artistic style of clothing and technology level, each piece of clothing products must indicate the product name, shape, fiber ingredients, standards, washing method, product grades, inspection certificates, production enterprises, such as address and barcode, only in this way can make consumers chu cognitive product, understand the product performance and the use and maintenance method.The tag is generally hung on the main label.The materials are also diversified and vary according to the style of each product. The detailed content of the tag logo is shown in the national standard. The comprehensive analysis and prediction before the design must be organically combined with the engineering calculation parameters.For example, the measurement of the looseness of each part of the garment;Analyze the characteristics and proportion difference of different age, rest type to determine the range of specifications, etc.This series of work is not only inseparable from data, but also cannot be completely expressed by Numbers, nor can specifications be made only by artistic intuition. Instead, reasonable logical analysis and creative image thinking must be combined to make clothing production specifications have accuracy.

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