Types of backing for custom patches

There are four different options for backings for personal patches.They are no backing(paper on backing)/iron on backing/velcro on backing/adherency.

Each backing has a different purpose.How to choose the right type of backing when customizing the patch?It depends on how and where you apply these patches. 

The right backing can withstand washing, contact sports, extremes and everything in between. 

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1.No backing(paper on backing)

Embroidery patches can be done without backing, and paper on backing badges do not have the same thickness or stiffness as patches with backing;Therefore, the best time to order unbacked patches is when they will be sewn onto clothing or other types of fabric.These patches show a twill or silk thread on the back of the patch and are usually more flexible. 

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2. Iron on backing

Iron on backing allows you to attach it to your clothes with a home iron.Thermal sealing liners increase the hardness of the patches, allowing them to lie flat.Some patch companies rate their iron liners as 20 to 30 washes, while others, including Stadri, use stronger adhesives and do 50 to 80 washes.When using a heat seal, a few stitches are recommended to secure the patch.Heat sealing does not apply to nylon and other synthetic fabrics. 

The heat seal gives the patch a shiny coating that, when heated, melts and sticks to the fabric.Woven patches are thinner than embroidery patches, so when woven patches have an ironing substrate, they are very strong if properly applied to the right clothing/material. 

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3. Hook and loop support (Velcro on backing)

For patches that need to change frequently or that are easy to migrate, hook and loop support is ideal. 

If your uniform or clothing does not have a clasp area, hooks and buckles are the best option.This supports with hooks and loops on one side.All you have to do is sew the buckles onto your uniform. 

It’s already widely seen on your bag or jacket. 

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4. Adherency(Stick on backing)

Adherency backing is an ideal for temporary use.They’re like stickers.Peel off the back and simply patch it. 

Patching is a great way to customize greeting cards, laptops, phone cases and more.  Patches with pasting support are not considered a permanent solution, as their stickiness diminishes over time. 

Types of backing for custom patches 10
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