What are the characteristics of fabric labels?

What are the characteristics of fabric labels?

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1. Printed labels cover a wide range of labels, all of which are called cloth labels. Cloth labels are widely used in clothing, toys, bedding, home textiles, luggage, handbags, furniture, electronic products and other industries.

2, woven label, printed label woven lable commonly used materials include: ribbon, economical and practical, can achieve the best effect of wash water), adhesive tape, adhesive tape, also called plant coating cloth, table and smooth surface, so the printing effect is best, but not as good as ribbon washable), cotton belt (natural environmental protection), polyester belt, smooth fabric, printing effect is good, water resistant).

The biggest characteristic of 3, printed label, woven lable can be printed LOGO design, can be washed, garment industry is the need to woven lable, most has the main label, washing label, content label, size label, etc., the second is the plush toys, bedding, home textile, etc. These are in use process need to wash, so commonly used cloth class label.

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