What is the belt number for woven labels?

There are cutting machine,needle loom machine and wood shuttle machine.The color and thickness of the warp yarn are embedded.Take the cutting machine as an example, the color is black flat,white flat, red flat, black satin, white satin and so on. And for warp, there are 50D,75D,100D and so on. 

The model coefficient refers to the black and white machine (the warp of the machine is fixed on the machine, ordinary black and white, there are a small number of other colors) when calculating the price multiplied by a different number, this number is the coefficient. 

The belt number refers to the computer machine, in the production of the same as weaving a whole piece of woven, and then cut into strips according to the width of the mark, the width is different, of course, the belt number is different, the maximum width of the computer machine is 20.8cm, the width is different, so calculate the price to calculate the number of strips. 

For example, the width of the machine is 1.6 meters,160CM, which is 160/20(20.8 generally counted as integer 20)=8pcs belt number.And the width of label is 5cm,,20/5=4pcs labels belt number.Then 4*8=32pcs in total. 

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