What is the quality control requirement of woven label

The quality of woven label is related to yarn, color, size and pattern.

Woven label factory controls the quality of woven label:

1. The size meets the requirements. The woven label itself is very small, and sometimes the size of the pattern should be accurate to 0.05mm. Therefore, for a small woven label, not only to meet the needs of customers in the picture and text, but also to meet the customer in the size.

2. See whether there is any mistake in the pattern and text of the woven label, and whether the size of the pattern and text is correct. When I get a sample of woven label, the first thing TO do is to see whether there are any mistakes in the pattern and text. Of course, such a simple mistake can be seen when the sample is made, and it will not happen when the finished goods are handed over to the customer.

3, look at the color of the woven label, the color is generally the choice of ordinary color. This color contrast is the original color or design of pantone color.

4. See the density of the woven label, see whether the weft density of the newly woven sample is consistent with the original one, and whether the thickness meets the customer’s requirements. The density of woven mark refers to the density of weft. The higher the density of weft, the higher the quality of woven label.

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What is the quality control requirement of woven label 2

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