What is the role of the ribbon

Ribbon is made of various yarns. There are many kinds of ribbons, widely used in clothing, trademark printing, shoe materials, bags, industry, agriculture, military supplies, transportation and other industrial sectors. Early, the ribbon is the production of manual workshops, raw materials for cotton thread, hemp thread. Gradually developed in the later, ribbon with raw material to the pure cotton, polyester cotton, mercerized cotton, acrylic, such as cotton, polyester, polypropylene fiber, spandex, formed three categories of weaving, knitting, knitting technology, ribbon has many kinds of patterns, such as: plain weave, twill, satin weave, single, double, many words, grooved, pearl grain, rib, jacquard, double, multilayer, etc. Ribbon is divided into pure cotton ribbon, pure cotton trademark ribbon, polyester cotton ribbon, polyester ribbon, polypropylene ribbon and so on; Among them, pure cotton ribbon can be dyed in a variety of colors, and the requirements of environmental protection are in accordance with the European Union standards.

What is the role of the ribbon

Each of our ribbon has every kind of ribbon use, and most of our cotton ribbon are used in trademark printing, environmental protection of cotton trademark ribbon used in clothing will not stimulate our skin, from the details of the protection of our skin also do not have to worry about being hurt; Thus the pure cotton trademark ribbon by the majority of favor.

And polyester cotton ribbon is a special ribbon, it is made of polyester yarn and pure cotton yarn woven, can also be a pure cotton yarn composition. Polyester cotton webbing is also used in clothing, but it can be used in clothing accessories, can also be used to do trademark webbing.

Polyester ribbon is composed of polyester yarn weaving, its use is also very wide, it can also be made into colorful colored ribbon, general polyester ribbon we are first dyed yarn and then woven into the ribbon, it can be made into a ribbon weaving a variety of colors of intercolored polyester ribbon, can also be used as a hanging belt.

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