What role does the shipping mark play in the garment industry?

Main label,also known as trademark, it is the brand of a garment enterprise, which is related to the overall image of the product and the image of the enterprise. It is the publicity window of the enterprise brand, and also the garment mark used by the production enterprise and distribution enterprise for the production of the enterprise.Each enterprise has its own registered trademark, which is prohibited from counterfeiting. Trademarks are divided into text trademarks, graphic trademarks and combined trademarks of text and graphics.Its characteristics are mainly reflected in the specificity, individuality, artistry and representativeness of commodities.It is the symbol of the enterprise, representing the reputation, technical quality and market share of the enterprise, become the intangible assets of the enterprise.There are many kinds of clothing trademarks, such as adhesive paper, plastic, cotton, satin, leather, metal, etc., and the printing of trademarks is in various forms: jacquard, printing, flocking, embossing, stamping and so on.

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The optional match of trademark, besides consider brand and adornment effect, still should consider the comfortable sex when wearing, divide commonly for underwear trademark, coat trademark, pants trademark.Underwear labels should be thin, soft and small to make the wearer feel comfortable.Coat trademark optional thick, straight, large;Metal and leather trademarks are highly decorative and can be used on the outer surface of jeans, leather and jackets.

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