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Care labels/washing labels

Care instructions are  small solution to a big problem. Care labels provide consumers with guidelines on clothing care and the best cleaning procedures for specific combinations of fabric, thread, and construction techniques. Follow the instructions on the care label to ensure that the look and fit of the garment will remain the same after repeated cleaning treatments.

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Brand labels

Main  labels indicates a brand name or logo of the company purchasing and selling the garment. Brand labels play an important role for customers, because customers only know this brand, they buy this brand. Brand level is related to product quality, durability and good feel factors.

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Size labels

It’s a good idea to add size labels to clothes, especially if you plan to make similar clothes in multiple sizes or plan to sell them. Size labels can be placed anywhere on clothing, but are usually next to care and content labels, or attached to brand labels. There is also an option to add size information directly to the care product or brand label you plan to order, but this means you may need to order a range of labels if you plan to offer multiple sizes.

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Hang tags

Hang tags are most common in retail, where they are used as product labels to display product and price information or marketing details such as promotions and offers. They are particularly popular for labeling products without packaging; These items will be used by permanent adhesives or may be difficult to bind effectively by standard adhesives made of materials — putting these items on a hang tag means that product or retail information can be safely attached to the item and then easily removed (without damaging the item) once it has been sold.

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