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Do you pay attention to the tag when you buy clothes, or do you just look at the price? Tags and tags will tell you something you didn’t know. Learn how to read the tag tag now!

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woven label

When we buy clothes, we will find a label on each piece of clothing. The label is usually on the zipper or the edge of the sewing. Most people probably don’t pay that much attention to labels and don’t read labels at all. But some people still read labels, so what’s on the label? Here’s what’s on the label.

On the clothing label, we can see the product name, product code, product standard number, quality grade, safety technology category, inspector, product composition, clothing brand company name, manufacturer address, product barcode, size, consumer hotline, product retail price and washing method. These contents cannot be omitted on the label of clothes. Consumers do not need to pay attention to the product name, standard number, inspector, clothing brand company name, manufacturer address, product barcode, consumer hotline and product retail price. However, washing method, quality grade, safety technology category, product composition and size are all marks that consumers need to pay attention to.

wholesale labels

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wholesale labels

Printed Clothing Labels are perfect for intricate designs and care content labels. We can make an offset, inkjet, laser, silkscreen, thermal, computer generated, or letter flex-press (flexo) labels.

For our thermal care labels, there is a slightly different printing process involved. The thermal foil is heated by the printer and then transferred onto fabric tape, which results in a smooth finish on the label. Materials available are white woven, slit edge satin, and coated nylon polyester tape.

Our care labels can be printed on either side (or both sides) of your labels. If you’re looking for a label with a colored font, check out our woven labels, embroidered patches, woven patches, hang tags, and leather patches.

CBF Label can provide multiple color options for your garment tag. If you want to add some flare to your printed label for clothing, there are foil embedding options that we can offer to you as well. Cut and fold options include centerfold, hot cut, and sonic cut.

For printed labels, we use a metal plate per batch. There is a one-time plate charge for printed labels, but if these labels are re-ordered the plate charge fee does not apply.

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clothing labels in bulk

In our daily life, we are surrounded by different symbols. Some warn us, some warn us. These symbols are full of mystery and rich content. The meaning behind it is confusing to us.

In our daily life, the symbol of clothing care is enough to make us dizzy. They lie quietly on the label, square, circle, line, dot and so on, representing different meanings. Some need to be washed by hand, some need to be gentle, and some can’t be exposed to the sun. Too many signs. Can you tell?

Clothing care labels date back to at least the 1950s. Today, most clothes and fabrics require labels. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, ASTM International Testing and Materials Society in the United States introduced a standardized set of care logos with the goal of creating a universally recognized logo design. Today we take a closer look at these symbols and what they mean.

ASTM symbols follow a simple scheme and sequence of Settings: wash (bucket), bleach (triangle), dry (square) and special care (circle). A circle usually refers to dry cleaning or wet washing. Adding lines, dots, and other markers modifies the basic symbol so that its meaning changes, for example, by placing a large X over the symbol to negate it or warn it; Adding two parallel diagonals means only using non-chlorine/oxygen bleach, etc. One, two, or three dots, when combined with the drum drying and ironing symbols, indicate cold and warm, respectively. But when used with the washing machine symbol, the points relate to the actual temperature. Under the wash (bathtub) or dry (square) symbol, one line indicates permanent pressure, two lines indicate gentle or gentle circulation, and the zero line indicates normal circulation.

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Hanging tags are mostly made of paper, plastic and metal.

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wholesale fabric labels

All kinds of printing tag production, printing is often very beautiful, and the connotation is also very. Although the tags of each garment enterprise have their own characteristics, most of them are printed with the name of the factory, the address of the factory, telephone number, postal code, logo and so on. Some enterprises, but also printed on the nature of the company (such as sino-foreign joint venture, sole proprietorship, etc.); There are clothing manufacturers simply put the small tag, as a miniature “advertising”, the famous models wearing their own products in the photos printed on the above, to give a more intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a more profound impression of their products, played a very good role in publicity; Some manufacturers, in order to thank consumers for buying their own products, often printed on the tag with words of gratitude, wish, to give people a sense of intimacy; Some tags are more like a “product instruction manual, because it not only printed with the product is to use what kind of fabric, how its performance, and even the washing clothing water temperature, washing way. What kind of cleaning agent and how to maintain should be printed on the tag, it can be seen that manufacturers are very responsible for consumers.

custom logo woven labels

benefits to using customized woven patches

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custom logo woven labels
  • Clear, legible lettering – At small sizes, embroidered patches can lose some of the legibility found in the original artwork. For brand logos, contact information, or a motto, woven patches provide the detail required
  • Perfect for complex graphics – Not every patch is based on a simple design. When the source is a complex graphic that comes alive with enhanced detail, woven patches can provide the picture-perfect reproduction it deserves
  • Chain stitching appearance – Many customers find this look more suitable to their garment’s overall design
  • Identical quality at all sizes – Our custom patches can ensure that you get the same great quality no matter how small or large your surface area

woven labels nyc

Heat transfer labels are tagless, which makes them popular in the apparel industry, as these labels create a clean, finished look on any product.

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woven labels nyc

Heat transfer labels for clothing are made using a silk screen process. The image – your design – will transfer onto paper or clear mylar in sheets or rolls. These tagless labels can adhere to most natural and synthetic materials. When ordering, please make sure to know the exact fabric they will be placed on. By providing us with this information, we can produce transfer labels that hold up to the washing process. We can also give you application instructions by knowing the material ahead of time.

Heat transfers can be used on apparel, fabric, hates, bags, wood, and metal. CBF Label offers up to five colors, and there are no cuts or folds needed. At CBF, we can produce reflective 3M heat transfers as well as generic reflective materials.

woven patches wholesale

Customized process:

1, online tell us you want to order the size, quantity, style of things;
2, the buyer to provide the design draft or design materials;
We calculate the price for you;

Sewing fabric
woven patches wholesale
  1. We will adjust and design the design draft or materials to meet the production requirements;
    5, after the design through QQ or wangwang online send pictures to confirm the design layout;
  2. After buyer’s confirmation, payment (deposit) proofing shall be paid in full; Pay balance on completion and deliver goods

quality woven labels

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quality woven labels

Basic Principles:
First, the pattern is printed on pet film coated with release agent. After drying, the film with pattern is ironed to the surface of clothes or other fabrics through high temperature and high pressure, leaving the pattern and tearing off the waste film to complete the pyrography process. Therefore, this way, it is called “hot stamping”, also called “heat transfer hot stamping”. This hot stamping method, almost suitable for all clothing, the premise is to face different clothing fabrics, have to take different printing process.

Especially the high elastic cloth, the fabric itself elastic, at this time, if the gum coating is not chosen properly, made of clothes to wear, do outdoor activities, because of the violent stretching and movement of the body, the pattern part is easy to crack, so as to affect the quality of clothes, the final reputation. Clothing heat transfer hot stamping, and can be subdivided into gelatinous hot stamping and inkjet hot stamping. Gelatinous hot stamping is suitable for batch operation, which needs to be printed by a large four-color press, and then coated with gum after printing. Plate making fee and boot fee are relatively high, usually at least 500 copies of this process can be used, otherwise the cost is too high.

The cost of proofing is usually several hundred yuan.

Gelatinous heat transfer lithography advantages: can print character photos and 3D game animation patterns and other colorful, full of layers, delicate color patterns, can be very close to the computer design draft. Disadvantages: I can’t feel it very well. When I touch it, it has a gelatinous feeling, just like a piece of plastic film sticking to the skin. When the pattern is too large, this dress will have a hot and stuffy feeling on the body, because it is not breathable. If do small design adornment ornament to dress product only, that is again good nevertheless.

Of course, do luggage products, do not have to worry about whether breathable. Heat transfer hot stamping, suitable for a lot of fabric is also very miscellaneous, suitable for all kinds of cloth, all kinds of clothing. However, due to the complexity of its process, users need to carefully screen

custom woven label wholesale

A cloth label containing words, letters, or logos on clothing or trousers.

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custom woven label wholesale

In the process of producing, manufacturing, processing or selling clothing and home textiles, clothing factories, garment factories and home textile factories are used to distinguish the origin of clothing and home textiles by characters, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations or the combination of the above elements. Signs with characteristics are the products of modern economy

Above the knitting mark machine, by fixing the warp and using the weft to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, THREE-DIMENSIONAL signs, color combinations, etc., it has the characteristics of firm, bright lines, soft feel, etc

wholesale woven labels

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wholesale woven labels

Generally speaking, warp yarns are fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white flat, light color background standard, generally use white flat, dark generally use black flat. The pattern and color of the cloth are mainly expressed by weft, and the color expressed will be different from the effect of warp crossing. Because general machines have limitations on the types of weft, the colors they can express are limited, generally less than 8 kinds

wholesale woven labels for clothing

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wholesale woven labels for clothing

We use polyester thread to create powerful branding and design applications. These patches can be made for different types of applications We are able to create woven patches that can be ironed on, as well as ones that stick with Velcro or that attach with heat.

Custom woven patches can be used for branding as well as style depending on the design and placement of these custom-made labels and patches, Our woven patches are made with polyester thread and can be made in a standard shape or die-cut to a custom shape. We also offer custom backing options such as heat seal, iron-on, pressure-sensitive, and Velcro.

Whether you need woven patches added to your garment in a hurry or you want a small, intricate design replicated without losing detail, woven patches are the way to go. Designers look to custom woven patches when the design depends on retaining the maximum amount of style and intricacy from the original design. A good woven patch ensures that every possible detail is captured, giving each customer a solution that will work for them. Also, see our custom embroidered patches and other products.

wholesale custom woven labels

woven fabric labels wholesale

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woven fabric labels wholesale

Woven labels are the most common and economical way to identify and grow your brand on your product all while having a very high perceived value which helps your product. Woven labels have the best and biggest bang for your buck!  You can tell this from all major brands who use woven labels in the majority of their products, it can not be beat! 

We specialize in offering solutions for a consistent brand identity. Call us today and let our label specialists guide you step-by-step in receiving a superior quality woven or printed fabric label.
Our woven and printed fabric labels are custom designed and produced with numerous options, from standard-finish materials to soft and silky products, unique cuts, shapes and techniques. An efficient ordering process, along with a superior label design and production process allows Custom Woven Labels to be cost-effective no matter the quantity while offering low minimums.

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woven labels wholesale australia

Quality certification custom women’s clothing collar label dress label clothing washing mark

Woven lable is a tag made of cloth, it can be printed or woven, the content of the woven lable useful I think we all know, clothes bags handbags toys gifts, on these is necessary used above, the material, mainly divides into the nylon cloth (coating) ribbon, cotton belt, nylon is mainly used for washing water content of the printing, such a multi-purpose belongs to the economy, prices are relatively cheaper, It can be rolled or cut. The ribbon is divided into cutting ribbon, weaving ribbon and pressing ribbon, double-sided ribbon and single-sided ribbon. This kind of ribbon can be flat printing, flexo printing and silk printing, and can be made without fading. Jet adopts ultrasonic cutting, smooth and does not hurt the skin. , printing color is not limited. Cotton belt printing mainly uses silk screen printing, because cotton material texture is deep can only do not fade silk screen.

woven labels wholesale uk

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woven labels wholesale uk

Our company free design, production of custom women’s collar, the production of the collar can be repeatedly washed without fading, and meet the requirements of environmental protection, greatly convenient for customers to export goods.

Lead label advantages: it is one of the indispensable labels of clothing, with the lead label to appear clothing, taste, it can be said that: a clothing you can not have other labels, but must not have a lead label.

Use: mainly used in clothing, clothing neckline (that is, the place where the coat touches the back of the neck of the body), the collar can be printed with the brand name, pattern, telephone number and other relevant information, is an effective way to show the brand of the product.

Welcome to inquire and order, thank you! Due to different materials, size, color and process, the above price is for reference only, the actual price shall be subject to negotiation between both parties.

(Our company free design, for you to solve the problem of clothing trademark)

Our company is willing to provide satisfactory one-stop accessories service for garment, home textile, shoes and hats, bags, electronics and other brand related enterprises, and hope to establish long-term cooperation with more brands, thank you!

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