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Woven labels:

Our premium woven labels capture a great deal of detail, including up to 8 thread colors. High quality labels reinforce the brand identity of your high quality products.

Our personalized clothing labels are the most beautiful, high quality, quality woven labels. This is because they are made from the best materials, such as damask and other custom clothing labels will continue to use your clothes, and of course, they look great. 
In addition, woven clothing labels offer many additional options such as different shapes, colors, details and frames. 

There are two different stocks: satin and damask, and various folds such as straight cut, end fold, Centerfold and Mitfold can be processed with one color. Woven labels can come in different sizes, but a small number of sizes are recommended for better expression of the product. It is made of 100% polyester thread, the woven label is machine washed at any temperature, keeping the shape soft on the skin after multiple washing/drying.

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Ready to make your custom woven labels?

Custom woven labels are not limited to T-shirts. Many other clothing and items can also have these custom designed labels. To give you an idea of what product woven labels look like, here are some examples: designer pillows, sheets, purses, purses and tote bags, and even product packaging for soap or candles. Imagine a pillow or linen with a soft, ultrasound cut, fine thread woven label that’s barely visible.

To increase brand awareness and advertising, it is common for T-shirt companies to use multiple custom woven labels on their shirts. These custom clothing labels are placed as decorative pieces on sleeves and the edges of T-shirts. It’s fun to put tags on the hem or sleeves.

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Labels for clothes

Custom clothing labels are an important tool used to ensure that the clothing sold meets standards in the United States and other countries as well. Labels woven into the clothing are often made out of the fabrics taffeta, satin, and damask. 

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Woven labels —with your logo

Our fully customizable woven labels with logos are popular with everyone from boutiques, style and accessory entrepreneurs to large companies. We have helped thousands of customers create their unique identity with professional fabric labels.

High quality knitting process creates your personal design from scratch with thread colors of your choice. The end result is a beautiful, professional quality label that is more durable than an embroidered label.

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Design your custom clothing labels and tags

Everyone has different ideas about high quality custom clothing labels and clothing labels. One person may be looking for a simple, minimalist design, while another has a more complex idea.

Ksthllabels.com offers countless custom clothing labels that vary in look, shape and size, and we also have lots of other creative options such as trademark labels or icon labels. No matter what design you come up with, our Clothing Label manufacturer makes it look exactly like what you’d want in a Super Label store from a fully personalized custom sewing label, ironed clothing label. You can easily order your custom woven labels and sew them on clothing labels online now. Buy and create quality clothing labels online at ksthllabels.com. As long as you contact us, we will have a dedicated team to serve you.

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Woven labels for clothing and all handmade items

Design your own high quality woven labels that can be used for personal use or for small or large businesses. Create label designs using our symbols and your own text, or create custom labels with your own logos or artwork. We can also help you make your child’s name tag, which means never lose your hat or gloves at recess. We can select all types of clothing labels, including iron on clothing labels, to make the application easier.

Our woven labels are made from at least 90% recycled yarn, and there are other 100% recycled options for you to choose from. Clothing labels are also certified to Oeko, which means they are certified to be free of anything that could be harmful to your health. 

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The benefits of personalized woven labels

Create your own woven label design to make your product stand out from the crowd: Add your logo to our textile labels to increase your brand value.

These tags are also useful for artisans and artisanists, who can add personalized information to their craft, even on websites or Etsy. Check out our online design tool to create a fabric label with the words “handmade”, “own name” or “love”

Woven name tags, whether sewn or ironed, are useful in day care, schools or nursing homes for labeling loved ones’ belongings. This will ensure that all clothes find their correct owners!

Attaching your knitting labels is super easy. When designing your label, you have the option to sew on or iron on. We even offer the option of punching: 2 or 4 holes at each end of the label so you can use thicker thread to stick the label to knitting, denim or other heavier fabrics.

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Why order custom fabric labels

In the design and production of clothing, clothing label positioning is an important aspect of the production process.  It’s not just where the label goes on the clothes that matters. The information contained in the label, such as caution labels and flammability information, is also important.

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