Why do clothes have labels?

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Generally speaking, clothing labels are divided into woven labels and printed labels. Woven labels are knitted labels, which are relatively safe, and if they cause problems such as allergies, they are also related to fabric.The printing label is also the most common one, which USES ink to print information on fiber cloth, non-woven cloth and blended cloth.In this case, the quality of the ink determines the label will not cause allergies and other conditions.Some manufacturers in order to low cost, the quoted ink quality is not good, cause allergy and wash a few times the ink fell off, the national standard is, clothing labels must be able to keep information forever, convenient for consumers to check the washing water label, intuitively understand the size of clothing, washing label is also the standard for quality inspection.And manufacturers in the production, also can be more convenient to distinguish the size, production more quickly.

Label is a must, and it is with the quality requirements, but now, on the market many labels are not qualified, workers at the time of sewing these labels, easy technology is not standard and the pursuit of speed, leading to label people, don’t look at the label is a little thing, very useful.A lot of people will choose to cut off label, but not careful to cut the bad, haven’t wear new clothes one is discarded.Label for the brand, there is an important role, the retention of brand information, the embodiment of brand premium, the most important is anti-counterfeiting!In fact, brand anti-counterfeit labels are an important way to verify the authenticity of products. If there is no anti-counterfeit labels, fake products will be more prevalent.

If the label is sewn on the inside of the clothes, it will easily cause children’s skin allergy and other problems. It is also stipulated that the label of children’s clothes under three years old must be marked on the outside. The label of famous children’s wear brand Rabi adopts non-sensitive label, which is safe, environmental and non-allergy-causing, so it can be stamped on the inside of the clothes.

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