Why everything is labeled?

It is beyond reproach that everyone will like beautiful things.And everything we’re willing to design to protect is meaningful to us.We also like things that are personal and we don’t like to wear the same outfit as other people.Or even having the exact same thing as someone else.Not knowing which one is your own is also a trouble.  So, we came up with some practical ways to solve this problem.It is not only fun to put your own label on your own things, but it is also a once-and-for-all thing. 

And by attaching labels to children’s things, they can develop a sense of ownership and pride.Children will take more care of their belongings.  Don’t worry, this is not to encourage children not to share their things, but to cultivate children to learn to care for their things. 

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Why everything is labeled? 13

1. Exclusive label to avoid disputes 

Some kindergartens customize labels that are specific to each child.At school, children’s things are kept together, and most parents buy the same things,even the same color.It often leads to children who think it is their own but are taken away by others and quarrel.Without labels, it would be a battle of agony. 

This would not happen if every item had its own owner tag. 

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Why everything is labeled? 14

2. Specific labels save money 

A box of crayons and an eraser won’t break a child.If it is expensive clothes, their favorite toys and so on, once lost, the child will cry earthshaking, must parents to buy again.Those fees can add up to a lot of money. 

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Why everything is labeled? 15

3. Customize labels to save time 

You don’t have to spend time looking for something because your child has lost it, let alone going to the mall to replace it.With the help of teachers and classmates, items can always be easily retrieved if they have their own labels on them. 

Why everything is labeled? 16

4. Personalized labels are more hygienic 

Lost items are always piled up in the lost and found office.There are too many things there, and they are not classified.You can imagine how many bacteria it has.But when your child’s clothing or supplies have their own labels, the staff can easily know who it belongs to and return it in the first place, rather than putting it in the lost and found.Reduced bacteria on lost items. 

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Why everything is labeled? 17

5. Easy to claim 

The school always holds military training or summer camp activities, and often the clothes are provided by the base, which is completely the same.And when we do it, we dry it in the same place.There will be an awkward situation, do not know which is their own.If you put your own label on your clothes, it will be easy to claim them. 

Why everything is labeled? 18

6. DIY your own clothes 

Children always like things that are unique and beautiful.Competent mothers always give their children what they want.Purchase some accessories, such as woven seal, embroidered seal, etc., can embellish a single article. 

Sometimes, seeing a cute little sticker with their name on it can brighten up your child’s day. 

Our labels apply to all items 

When we say you can and should label everything — we mean it.The labels cover everything from clothing to coloring books to cowboy boots and everything in between.So how do we do that?If need be, we’ll do something about it.That’s why we have so many generic labels. 

Why everything is labeled? 19

1. The iron on label 

The handy iron is simple to apply and hold tight.They are a more durable option than stickers and can be used until the wash is done. 

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Why everything is labeled? 20

2. Adhesivity clothing labels 

Don’t want to go through the hassle of ironing?it doesn’t matter.If there’s a clothing label, or even a clothing imprint, they can grab, and these labels do.They’re surprisingly sticky, almost as good as our irons, but if you pick on them, they fall off — which is great for donations and old clothes. 

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Why everything is labeled? 21

3. Name tags 

These gadgets come in different sizes, colors, different characters, and can be stuck to just about anything.Not only that, but they’re also washable, so go ahead and toss them on lunch boxes, water bottles and anything else that’s going to go in the dishwasher.They came out as beautiful as they came in. 

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Why everything is labeled? 22

4. Contact labels 

Sometimes you need more than a name.Use contact tags for expensive toys, equipment, electronics, precious, irreplaceable items, and anything you desperately want to return if you’ve lost it.There are three lines of contact information.  Classroom number, school, name, phone number, address, email – anything you want. 

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Why everything is labeled? 23

5. Shoe labels 

We like our shoe labels.Sure, they can help your child keep track of their shoes, but you can also choose separate designs to help them distinguish between the right shoe and the left shoe.The clever! 

Why everything is labeled? 24
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