woven label industry and laser

What is a laser? Laser is since the 20th century, after atomic energy, computer, semiconductor, human another major invention, known as the “fastest knife”, “the most accurate ruler”, “the brightest light” and “strange laser”.

The development of laser not only gives new life to the ancient optical science and optical technology, but also leads to the emergence of a whole new industry. Laser can enable people to effectively use unprecedented advanced methods and means, to obtain unprecedented benefits and results, thus promoting the development of productivity.

Laser is used in a wide range of fields. In the woven label industry, laser is mainly used in cutting, we call it laser. Whether it is cloth label or printing label, laser can be used, and the cutting is fast and accurate.


It’s advantages are: Tangent is smooth, not hurt the skin, the application of the laser field is very wide, laser in the label industry is mainly used in cutting, we call it the laser, whether it’s woven lable or print mark, can use laser laser, and cut out fast and accurate, no matter want what shape, can be cut out, and the tangent is smooth, not hurt the skin.

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