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Woven labels are woven on clothes and trousers, containing words, letters and logos. Used by garment factories, garment factories and home textile factories in their production, manufacturing, processing or sales of clothing and home textiles, to distinguish the sources of clothing and home textiles, by words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or the combination of the above elements, signs with significant characteristics, are products of modern economy.

Woven labels is woven on the knitting mark machine by fixed warp and weft to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combination, etc. It is characterized by high-end, firm, bright lines, soft feel, etc.

When the required brand labels is woven out in accordance with the width of the need, it is called a woven edge brand labels.

This process avoids many disadvantages of edge cutting, but the yield is lower. Also flat/satin, characterized by soft and stiff feel. It is more suitable for advanced clothing articles, such as fashion clothes, suits, etc., which are most used by Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality. The machine is also made by Japanese manufacturers. Knitting edge standard generally do satin standard, but the satin background color is difficult to express, often hot color/dyeing process to solve this problem.

Edging machines are usually wooden shuttles, and the colors cannot exceed four. There is also a crochet machine, which can also weave a variety of technological qualities, and even add transparent polyester yarn into the warp, called a fish crochet machine.

The cost of cloth standard in addition to the width, color total length, craft, and is the variety of yarn used. JB series yarns are commonly used in the world

As the name implies, it is woven in a single piece on a special high-speed machine, like a cloth, and then cut into strips according to the specified width. Because of polyester’s heat-melting properties, the yarns will stick to each other when cut without falling apart. Also because of this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected by a certain, good machine will be better, with ultrasonic cutting than ordinary electric knife will be better. The cloth label of the strip can be directly processed and sent to the garment factory for processing; If the requirements are strict, still need to be cut and folded processing. The maximum width of a single computer jacquard component is 20cm, but the current process has been able to achieve 120cm width. By increasing the number of jacquard components you can weave a wider logo, which allows you to process larger shapes.

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