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High Quality wholesale bulk woven labels : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021)


How to reuse the removed clothing tag of BULK WOVEN LABELS?


There are tags on the clothes we usually buy, such as clothes, shoes, hats, trousers, bags, etc. with the improvement of living standards, people’s desire to buy becomes stronger and stronger, and more and more things are purchased at home. Most people directly throw away the tags when they buy back. In fact, the tags have many wonderful functions, and it’s a pity to throw them away directly,

Although it is an information age, most people still like to read directly on their mobile phones, but many book friends are not used to reading e-books and are used to paper books, so our hanging tags can be used as bookmarks. By re transforming the shape of the hanging tags, we can make the hanging tags into various shapes, so that we don’t have to buy new bookmarks, At the same time, it can also make bookmarks look like what we want, and it is also convenient for us to read.

What is a woven mark of BULK WOVEN LABELS

Weaving marks are mainly used for decorative ribbons broken in the middle of the lining of casual clothes. Generally, they have brand English or logo, which is mainly used for decoration. Sometimes they are used at the pocket or inner pocket, mobile phone bag, above the sleeve or above the middle of the back.

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What is a selvedge label of BULK WOVEN LABELS

When the required one-time case photo width of the trademark is pointed out, it is called selvage trademark. This process avoids many disadvantages of trimming, but the output is low. It is also divided into flat / satin, which is characterized by soft and smooth feel. It is more suitable for high-level clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc. Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality use the most, and the machines are also made in Japan.

The selvedge mark is generally made of satin mark, but the satin background color is difficult to express. Ironing / dyeing and other processes are often used to solve this problem.
The selvage weaving machine generally has a wooden shuttle machine, and the color can not exceed four; There is also a crochet machine, which can also weave the quality of various processes. Even transparent polyester yarn can be added to the warp yarn, which is called fish silk crochet machine.

The cost composition of cloth label is not only related to width, total length of various colors and technology, but also the variety of yarn used. JB series yarn is commonly used internationally

What is a trimming label for BULK WOVEN LABELS

As the name suggests, on a special high-speed machine, it is woven as a whole, and then cut into strips according to the target width. Because of the thermal melting characteristics of polyester, the yarn will stick to each other and will not loose edges when cutting. It is also for this reason that the appearance and feel will be affected to a certain extent. A good machine will be good,

What is the trademark of weaving Mark and what purpose can it be used for of BULK WOVEN LABELS

Weaving Mark trademark is a cloth mark with characters, letters and logo patterns. It is woven on the weaving Mark machine by fixing warp and expressing words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional marks and color combinations with weft. It has the characteristics of high-end, firm, bright lines, soft and good hand feeling. Weaving Mark technology can be seen almost everywhere. It has become an indispensable and important decorative element in the fields of clothing collar, bags, shoes and hats, plush toys, home textiles and so on.

More, ultrasonic cutting is better than ordinary electric knife. The cloth label of strip can be directly sorted and sent to the garment factory for processing; If the requirements are strict, it needs to be cut and folded. Because the maximum width of this machine is 20.8cm, that is to say, it can weave labels of this width and process various shapes

I believe many people still rent houses. The doors and locks of rented houses are very common. If we forget to bring the key, we can use the PVC clothing tag and insert it into the crack of the door to open it. As long as we usually place a clothing tag in the bag, it doesn’t occupy a place and is very convenient.

When we collect a lot of various clothing tags, we can combine and create clothing tags, which can be made into both creative curtains and prompt notes. It is very convenient and beautiful.

In addition, when we usually live in the hotel, it is popular to plug in cartoon power. Once we leave the hotel, the power will be cut off. In the hot summer, we should ensure that the air conditioner is continuously on, so we can replace the room card through the clothing tag to keep the point of the room open all the time. Is it convenient.

If there are children at home, you can collect different clothing tags, take children to make handicrafts and toys, improve children’s creative ability, and make waste utilization at the same time.

How to distinguish weaving Mark trademark from silk screen printing trademark for BULK WOVEN LABELS


The trademarks often used in clothing mainly include weaving Mark trademark, printing mark trademark and silk screen printing trademark. The clothing trademarks often seen on buying clothes are mostly color weaving Mark and printing mark. Weaving Mark ,BULK WOVEN LABELS, and printing mark have different characteristics. Let’s learn how to distinguish between weaving Mark trademark and silk screen printing?

Weaving marks and trademarks are all made of yarn to express the pattern, which is different from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make large goods without small samples. Selvage label: when the required trademark is woven according to the width at one time, it is called selvage label. This process avoids many disadvantages of trimming, but the output is low. It is also divided into flat / satin, which is characterized by soft and smooth feel.

It is more suitable for higher clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc. The selvedge mark is generally made of satin mark, but the satin background color is difficult to express. Ironing / dyeing and other processes are often used to solve this problem. It is generally relatively fixed whether a machine is set to be flat or satin. Generally, the width of trimmed Satin shall not exceed 10.8cm, and that of selvage shall not exceed 5.0cm.

Why does the woven Mark shrink after cleaning for BULK WOVEN LABELS?

  1. For fabric problems, when we usually clean the weaving marks, sometimes the weaving marks shrink, but sometimes they don’t. this is mainly due to different fabrics.
  2. Weaving Mark process problems: in the manufacturing process of weaving Mark, there are some special processes that lead to the shrinkage of weaving Mark, such as the application of webbing in collar, sleeve ring or car flower.

    So how to solve these problems?
    We suggest that when the clothes need washing water, or you BULK WOVEN LABELS, we should first use the webbing to test its shrinkage, so as to determine whether the webbing shrinkage and fabric shrinkage will cause different situations, or use the webbing to proofing the trial run ready-made clothes to ensure that each process can be smooth. At the same time, we also need to carry out the deformation and wrinkling found in the washing water test, especially when there are waves, It is necessary to replace other styles of webbing and replace the webbing materials of this paragraph in order to avoid the risk of decline in clothing quality. Of course, such a test method cannot be used in our daily life, so it is necessary to conduct accurate tests during production to ensure that the webbing produced has no quality problems.

How important is a logo for BULK WOVEN LABELS

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High Quality wholesale bulk woven labels : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021) 6

How much influence does logo have on a brand? Just like when we see Apple, we can think of Apple mobile phone and the bitten apple logo. It is said that Apple designers have two options when designing the logo, one is the complete apple, the other is the current one. The reason for choosing the latter is to distinguish it from other signs. Now, almost no one doesn’t recognize it.

When designing a garment handbag,or BULK WOVEN LABELS, the logo is usually printed in the middle of the bag, which is eye-catching. At the same time, there are many processes for logo printing, such as bronzing / silver, UV, concave convex, etc.
The bronzing / silver logo has a strong metallic texture; The logo made of UV is flat, shiny and not easy to fall off; The concave convex logo has a strong three-dimensional sense and can give people a strong sense of visual hierarchy.

A seemingly tiny logo may bring infinite to a brand. In packaging design, it is also an existence that can not be ignored.

Method for distinguishing weaving Mark quality for BULK WOVEN LABELS

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High Quality wholesale bulk woven labels : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021) 7

First of all, let’s first look at whether the pattern text of the weaving Mark is wrong and whether the size of the pattern text is correct? BULK WOVEN LABELS, First look at whether there are errors and omissions in the pattern and text content of the weaving Mark. Of course, these low-level errors can be found out at the beginning of the edition. Such errors will not occur when delivering large goods to customers.

Then, the next step is to see whether the patterns and words woven by the weaving Mark are fine? The actual effect of each picture and text is exactly the same as that of the original or the original picture, which shows that this kind of weaving Mark is very successful, because it can meet the customer’s needs from the picture and text, and it is very important to meet the customer’s needs from the picture and text

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