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Clothing trademark is a symbolic symbol of clothing and an integral part of clothing goods.Clothing type, suitable for the trademark type is a variety, different materials, different uses of trademark should use the appropriate production process, only a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the type of clothing trademark and production method, to the specific clothing type correctly choose trademark, make the trademark propaganda, beautify the clothing goods, and does not affect consumers wearing comfort, at the same time and control the production cost.


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cloth marks, also known as weaving marks or weaving marks, are mainly used for the labels of goods such as clothing.Several materials commonly used in printing cloth marking can be divided into satin, oblique grain, taffeta and other general flat tissue fabric and nylon coating fabric; from the composition can be divided into polyester fiber, cotton fabric, or mixed fabric

What is Trademark

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Trademark is a symbolic symbol of clothing, symbolizing corporate reputation, concept and culture, has become a artistic language and special medium of visual recognition [1], is an integral part of clothing goods.At present, clothing trademarks are generally classified according to the use and use of raw materials, and can be divided into underwear trademark and coat trademarks. The former requires thin, small, soft, and comfortable to wear, while the latter is relatively large, thick and straight.According to the trademark use of materials, can be divided into cloth logo, paper trademark, leather trademark and metal trademark

What are the classifications of other trademark production

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Clothing trademark production methods, uses, materials, such as computer weaving, wood spindle weaving and crochet weaving, printing printing and screen printing, flexible printing, digital printing and printing, etc.This paper analyzes the production process and application of clothing trademark

Weaving standard

The woven logo is made of yarn of various components, resistant to washing and high temperature resistance, mostly using 100% polyester weaving, bright color, below 160℃ does not fade.

Weaving logo is mainly divided into two categories, one is cutting edge logo, the other is weaving edge logo, according to the weaving logo density, different color, divided into white flat, black flat, white satin, black satin and half satin, different types are different, production technology is different, texture effect and application value is also different

Application of mark weaving

Computer weaving standard is widely used, its technology is more advanced, fast manufacturing speed, flexible postprocessing, can be eager, ultrasonic and laser laser cutting, or add lock edge, back glue and magic stickers, etc., can be used to produce different specifications, colors, grades of trademarks according to customer requirements

The crochet woven fabric is fine, full and thick in texture, tight in surface, and more than 10 color changes. The weaving content is clear, due to high density, the Logo is clearer, rough pattern, smooth edge amplitude, prominent font and special effects

Print Labels

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Printing is by printing on the trademark substrate or ready-to-wear clothing, many types of screen printing, flexible plate printing, digital printing and imprinting.

silk-screen printing

Screen printing is the traditional printing method of the clothing industry, with mature technology.When screen printing, first prepare polyester or nylon screen printing version, the print pattern hollow, can be through the color pulp, without the pattern mesh is closed

Embroidery standard

Embroidery logo is the use of embroidery machine in the trademark substrate or ready-to-wear embroidery trademark.Embroidery machine is also called computer embroidery machine, it is advanced embroidery machine, can make traditional manual embroidery achieve high efficiency realization, still can realize the requirement that manual embroidery cannot achieve.Embroidery function to embroider all kinds of embroidery lines into an elegant, fashionable, personalized embroidery pattern trademark, the application prospect is broad.

Embroidery logo is often embroidered in the cuff, front chest or back, the pattern has an artistic sense, mostly used in uniform, durable, beautiful, chic, play a very good propaganda role.Embroidery logo pattern should avoid complex graphics as far as possible, appropriately choose the color of embroidery thread according to the clothing color, so that the embroidered trademark pattern and clothing color harmony.

Attachment of clothing trademarks to clothing

In view of the attachment relationship between clothing trademark and clothing main subject, clothing trademark is divided into two categories: sewing label and direct attachment mark

Compared with sewing label, many sewing trademarks have overcome the disadvantages of sewing trademark, such as the underwear of sewing trademark

Demolition of the easy to break line to produce holes, especially the ready-to-wear material and the trademark material make the trademark part uneven due to the different scalability of the two.And the direct attachment of marks can also effectively prevent counterfeiters from changing counterfeiting

Reprint the label

The transfer mark is to print the trademark pictures on the special materials first, and then transfer the pattern accurately on the ready-to-wear clothes with a special transfer machine

The transfer printing principle has two types of adhesive film transfer printing and thermal sublimation transfer printing.The transfer trademark is fully fit with the garment fabric, pull resistant to deformation, good feel, no friction skin, especially suitable for making a small number of personalized customized trademarks, widely used in all kinds of knitwear, high-grade clothing, underwear, children’s clothing, etc., high grade, such as silicone thermal transfer trademark

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