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CUSTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE, The design, printing and production of clothing hangtag must be very particular, especially graphic design. It should be treated as a small print advertisement, and the following elements should be carefully considered: the necessary ingredient description and washing guidance, especially washing guidance, should not be too simple; For functional clothing such as down jacket, plastic underwear, warm clothing, etc., there should be detailed instructions.

Do not simply use several standard washing icons to reflect. Detailed instructions can reflect the company’s responsible and considerate attitude towards customers; For complex instructions, you can use the form of legend or even cartoon to make them, which is vivid and innovative; Pictures can be used appropriately, such as pictures of famous models and beautiful women wearing products, which gives people an intuitive feeling, makes consumers have a deeper impression on brand products, and plays a good role in publicity and promotion

What is a clothing tag for USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

We are no strangers when it comes to clothing tags. From the perspective of texture, most of the materials for making hang tags are paper, but also women’s hang tags are plastic and metal. In addition, a new hanging tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials has emerged. From its shape, it is even more diverse: there are long strip, folding, circular, triangular, pocket and other special shapes. It is really colorful and dazzling.

Relevant certification marks, such as IS09001 / 9002 reflecting product quality assurance, environmental protection IS014000, all cotton mark, pure wool mark, European green label oeko-texstandll00, European ecological label e-co-1abel, shall be actively hung to reflect product quality characteristics, reflect corporate image and win customers’ trust and cognition; Cooperate with holographic anti-counterfeiting and bar code anti-counterfeiting.

With the increasing prosperity of the clothing market, the competition is bound to be more intense. For brand and famous brand manufacturers, in order to protect their products from fake and shoddy products, they can use various anti-counterfeiting technologies, which not only protects the interests of enterprises, but also protects the rights and interests of consumers

What is Development trend of clothing weaving Mark trademark for USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

However, the sale of clothing weaving marks, on the surface, is some humble business. However, the gross profit margin of a simple circular lockband and one meter narrow lace will exceed 30%, even higher than that of some listed companies.

The products produced by the weaving Mark factory are mainly exported. Buyers in Asian countries have a large demand and a large number of orders. Compared with ordinary woven marks, high-end woven marks have more market.

With the rapid development of China’s economy in recent years and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the pursuit of high-end environmental protection products has become a trend. The demand for high-end weaving marks in the whole garment weaving Mark industry is about 100 tons per month, which is really a great market demand for the garment weaving Mark industry

How are Woven marks equipped with colors for USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

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.The color matching of weaving marks is based on the Pantone color number on the source file provided by the guest. We can accept the color numbers of Pantone C, Pantone u and Pantone TPX color cards.

Detailed explanation of the difference between sewing and embroidering marks

As the name suggests, both lock and embroider weaving marks have a definition of “edge”. Sewing and weaving marks are made of ordinary yarn, while the edges of embroidered and woven marks are embroidered by embroidery machine, which is relatively compact and three-dimensional. In terms of price, selvage and weaving marks will be relatively cheaper.

What factors will affect the price of weaving Mark trademark of USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

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At this stage, there are all kinds of leading labels and washing marks on clothes on the market, and the processing technology and price are different. The manufacturer of weaving Mark below will interpret the factors of weaving Mark price with you? The price of weaving logo is based on material, total color number (i.e. color type), specification model and post-processing process.

The actual post process flow includes: cutting, hanging, folding, shearing, sizing, over cutting and other regulations. The post process flow is different, and the bottom price of weaving Mark trademark is also different.
In addition to the total width, various full lengths and processing technology, there are also common types of cotton yarn. JB series cotton yarn is common internationally.

Generally, the tube yarn is fixed, either gray black or milky white, so it can be divided into black, calm and white. The light gray background color code is generally white, and the dark brown is generally black. The pattern design and color of cloth base are actually reflected by spinning, and the reflected color should be different from the effect of tube yarn crossing.

Because the general equipment is limited by the type of application spinning, the color that can be reflected is limited to a certain extent, generally less than 8 kinds

What should we pay attention to when designing the logo of clothing hangtag of USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

Good design can inject goods into the sales market, obtain good sales volume and excellent user evaluation. Good design can attract the attention of customers. Clothing tag is one of them. What should we pay attention to when designing the logo of clothing tag? Let’s talk about the network of garment hangtag manufacturers below!

  1. The accuracy of subconscious expression. In the design of the logo, the visual effect design language must be embodied from the content to the way, which can accurately present the characteristics of the garment industry and the company, and present the personalization, inner letter and product positioning of brand clothing.
  2. The information content transmitted by the sign is consistent with the customer’s thought, clear, clear at a glance, and in line with everyone’s cognitive ability and psychological state, which is conducive to the identification of memory.
  3. With visual expression. In addition to the basic function of accurately disseminating information content, the logo should also have the temptation and appeal of plastic art, reflecting the totalitarianism of diversified clothing. Therefore, in the modeling design, it is stipulated that the beauty is unique, has excellent visual effect, impact and appeal, gives people a pleasant and enjoyment of visual effect, and reflects the requirements of communication in the new era.
  4. Personalized and unique originality. The logo excavates the inherent characteristics of brand clothing in the design, strengthens the differences with other well-known brands, and looks for the attributes of the brand clothing to reflect its design style and taste. Therefore, the shape and meaning of the logo pay attention to being different and novel in design, pursue perfect personalization, and make it have infinite vitality.
  5. Convenience of manufacturing, application and management methods. Signs should be displayed in different natural environments, publicized and planned in different news media and made in different materials within a certain scope, and should have the effect of identification

What are the common post processes of weaving marks and cloth marks?

embroidery patches 4

The post processes of weaving marks generally include hot cutting (hot knife cutting), over cutting (ultrasonic cutting), shearing (cutting one by one, and then folding about 0.7cm from the left and right sides to the inside), folding in half (folding symmetrically) and ring mold (it is to ring a square woven mark into an irregular pattern shape. For example, the woven Mark seal is like this.

It is to ring it with a knife or laser gun to open a model), sizing (it is to put the woven mark into a bucket filled with milky white pulp, and then let the woven Mark dry or air dry.

After the slurry on the woven mark is dry, the woven Mark will become stronger), and locking (that is, use thread to seal the four sides of the weaving Mark to prevent scattering in the future), add Velcro (add Velcro on the back of the weaving Mark), heat melt glue, special-shaped cutting, dyeing, ironing, cutting and folding… All kinds of subsequent processes are complete. The selection of post customization processes of the weaving Mark is very important, which will determine the overall quality of the weaving Mark.

Solution to skin injury caused by weaving Mark of USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

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  • In order to prevent the edge of the woven mark from scratching the skin, garment manufacturers can adopt the following three methods:
  • 1、 Select and use fine and flexible yarn for high weft density processing;
  • 2、 Use the over cutting process and give up the hot process. In this way, the edge around the collar will become smooth, so as not to stab the skin;
  • 3、 If you use a wood shuttle machine or crochet machine to process weaving marks, the edges will be extremely smooth. Further, it can achieve the effect of not stimulating the skin.

With people’s higher and higher requirements for clothing, garment enterprises have slowly changed their thinking. They can think from the perspective of consumers, think for consumers, and have higher and higher requirements for the quality of garment marks.

In view of this situation, xinxiangli has been optimizing its own production technology and design, and introduced Swiss and Italian computer Mark weaving machines, Strive to win with quality in the competition.

Tell you to distinguish the quality of clothes? Look at the Weaver’s standard, that’s right! USTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

After the Spring Festival, many people are actively preparing for spring clothes. There are a wide range of clothes in shopping malls. When buying clothes, every consumer cares about different things. In fact, we should not only pay attention to the style and price of clothes, but also know how to distinguish the quality of clothes. Is there a simple and practical way to quickly see the quality and grade of clothes

The simplest and practical way to distinguish the quality and grade of clothes is actually to look at the weaving Mark and trademark of clothes, that is, the cloth mark on clothes. This is easy to find. It can generally be found at the collar. The grade of clothes can be basically judged by small weaving marks.

Weaving marks are mainly divided into two categories. One is weaving edge cloth mark. As the name suggests, this kind of weaving Mark is woven according to fixed patterns. The output is relatively low, but it feels very smooth and supple. It is generally used for relatively high-grade clothes. Another type of weaving marks is the trimming cloth mark. As the name suggests, this kind of weaving marks use machines to cut out the cloth one by one according to the adjusted and fixed size, which can realize large-scale production.

The output is relatively high, but the softness is much worse. It feels very rough. It is generally used for middle and low-grade clothing and accessories. We can roughly judge the grade of clothes by touching the weaving Mark.

What is the trademark of weaving Mark, CUSTOM GARMENT BAGS WHOLESALE

different types of clothing labels 1

Let’s first talk about what is weaving Mark? Weaving marks are woven on clothes and trousers, including words, letters and logo patterns.

The marks used by garment factories, garment factories and home textile factories in their production, manufacturing, processing or sales of clothing and home textile to distinguish the sources of clothing and home textile, which are composed of words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or the combination of the above elements, and have remarkable characteristics, are the products of modern economy.

This is an explanation from Baidu Encyclopedia. Behind it, there will be Jiang Ze’s own content expression, which may be more understandable and described in combination with our life scenes.

According to different weaving principles, we divide the machine into edge hooking machine and edge burning machine. The edging machine weaves the marks one by one. The edges are relatively soft.

They are mostly used for the internal standard of close fitting clothes, which will not hurt the skin. However, the operation efficiency of the machine is low, the colors that can be woven are relatively few, and the types of jacquard that can be applied are relatively few; Edge burning machine is a whole piece of cloth woven and then divided by hot knife at the end. It has high production efficiency, rich colors and many kinds of jacquard. It is the most mainstream Mark weaving machine in the market.



The weaving marks produced by the company can be divided into plane, single brocade, double brocade, high weft density, satin, etc. according to the weaving density. According to the process, they can be divided into edge burning, ultrasonic laser cutting, selvage, hook edge, cutting type, cotton filling, half folding, edge folding, oblique folding, etc.

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