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High Quality wholesale recycled woven label : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021)

RECYCLED WOVEN LABEL ,We focus on customized design: the production and processing of personalized labels, embroidered seals and webbing, such as all kinds of clothing accessories, clothing labels, collar marks, washing marks, origin marks, composition marks, number marks, decoration marks, weaving marks and embroidered seals.


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High Quality wholesale recycled woven label : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021) 7
  • Bed & mattress labels
  • Sustainable clothing & garment labels
  • Care and composition labels
  • Eco friendly product labels

Brief discussion on the factors affecting the quality of weaving marks and cloth marks for RECYCLED WOVEN LABEL

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High Quality wholesale recycled woven label : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021) 8
  • Textile mark garment accessories manufacturers believe that the quality of textile mark is directly related to the following six aspects
  • 1、 Human influence: weak sense of responsibility, poor emotion, illegal operation, weak quality awareness and abnormal operation of equipment.
  • 2、 Equipment condition: poor equipment performance, poor quality of accessories, inadequate repair and maintenance, etc.
  • 3、 Technical level: plate making process structure and flower writing software tools, and the operation and commissioning of all production equipment can not reach a qualified and higher technical level.
  • 4、 Quality of raw materials: twist and toughness, color fastness, color, length of fiber filament, sensitivity of raw materials to temperature, etc. failed to meet the ideal requirements.
  • 5、 Environmental impact: changes in temperature and humidity, pollution degree of air and equipment, etc.
  • 6、 Management ability: there are no specific targeted improvement measures to reduce quality standards and weaken quality awareness.

Now many people realize the importance of the clothing weaving Mark trademark. In order to make the clothing brand attract customers, they make some personalized, alternative and even strange designs for the clothing weaving Mark, thinking that this can attract customers and impress customers. In fact, the design of clothing weaving marks should be consistent with the style of clothes. It should be simple and clear. High quality weaving marks can better reflect the value of clothing brand.

How can weaving marks and cloth marks attract more customers?


High quality weaving marks and cloth marks require high process requirements, but the output is low. It also has flat / satin, which is characterized by soft feel. It is more suitable for higher clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc. Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality use the most, and the machines are also made in Japan.

The selvedge mark is generally made of satin mark, but the satin background color is difficult to express. Ironing / dyeing and other processes are often used to solve this problem. The selvage weaving machine generally has a wooden shuttle machine, and the color can not exceed four;

There are crochet machine and edge burning machine, which can also weave the quality of various processes, and even add transparent polyester yarn to warp yarn

What are the classification of textile marks and printing marks of garment accessories of RECYCLED WOVEN LABEL

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High Quality wholesale recycled woven label : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021) 9

Weaving Mark and printing mark are one of the indispensable components in garment accessories, and their applications are also very wide. So, how much do you know about weaving and printing?

The classification method of Honghua garment accessories weaving Mark trademark is mainly based on different machines and processes.RECYCLED WOVEN LABEL

The process is similar to weaving, which is characterized by that the warp and weft yarns are generally black or white, and the patterns and characters are composed of weft yarns. (if there are special requirements to dye warp yarn into the required color, it is called warp dyeing trademark.)

What is Woven Mark badge customization and RECYCLED WOVEN LABEL

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High Quality wholesale recycled woven label : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (update 2021) 10

Woven Mark badge customization
Weaving marks are woven on the Mark weaving machine by fixing warp yarns and using weft yarns to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs and color combinations. They are high-end, firm, bright lines, soft and feel good.

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