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CUSTOM GARMENT BAGS : The Ultimate FAQ Guide Update 2021

CUSTOM GARMENT BAGS,Main products: clothing weaving Mark, collar mark customization, heat transfer printing, sublimation transfer printing, digital transfer printing, silica gel printing, silk screen printing, all kinds of weaving Mark, weaving Mark seal, hot stamping, printing cloth, zipper weaving Mark, cotton filling weaving Mark

What can weaving marks and cloth marks do

Weaving marks and cloth marks are usually used as auxiliary materials on clothing, but they can play the role of finishing point in many cases. In particular, we sometimes use it to make decorations.

The woven marks are usually exposed, so we must clean them regularly. However, after we clean them, we will find that some woven marks change after washing, and there will be problems such as wrinkles and waves.

These situations make us very puzzled, Usually our first reaction is the poor quality of the webbing

What should we pay attention to when washing woven mark labels

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We suggest that when the clothes need washing water, we should first use the webbing to test its shrinkage, so as to determine whether the webbing shrinkage and fabric shrinkage will cause different situations, or use the webbing to proofing the trial run ready-made clothes to ensure that each process can be smooth. At the same time, we also need to carry out the deformation and wrinkling found in the washing water test, especially when there are waves, It is necessary to replace other styles of webbing and replace the webbing materials of this paragraph in order to avoid the risk of decline in clothing quality. Of course, such a test method cannot be used in our daily life, so it is necessary to carry out accurate tests during production to ensure that the produced webbing has no quality problems

What is the difference between weaving marks and ordinary hangtags

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Weaving marks is actually similar to the tags of various commodities in our life, but it is different from ordinary tags.

As the name implies, Zhizi is woven. It is a cloth product. It is a trademark woven on all kinds of clothes and a cloth Mark woven by a special loom. There are mainly two kinds of edges, namely cutting edge and weaving edge, which are mostly used to make the marks of various high-end clothes such as fashion and suits. It can be a random combination of words, patterns, letters, colors and so on. It is not only a symbol of a commodity, but also an ornament of a commodity, because its unique weaving method and pattern text have played a decorative effect on many costumes.

In fact, Zhima is closely related to our life. It can be said that we meet it almost every day, but you don’t know its name.

Many people don’t know the term weaving Mark, especially the word mark. Many people don’t know how to read it, let alone the meaning. If I ask you what it means, if you don’t understand it, you can’t come back. Now I’ll introduce you to some knowledge related to weaving marks.

People working in the garment industry will come into contact with terms such as weaving Mark, weaving Mark, cloth mark, washing mark, etc. laymen may wonder what these mean? Next, I will briefly tell you the meaning of these nouns.



A good garment bag should reflect the quality of the clothes inside. Providing customers with high-quality clothing bags will encourage them to reuse them at home and during travel, which will help build brand awareness. Our custom clothing bags are fashionable

What is Washing mark

Washing mark, also known as washing mark, washing mark. Washing label is also a kind of logo. Like washing label, it is widely used in clothing, household textiles, luggage and other industries. However, the garment industry is still one of the most widely used industries. Common problems such as main parameters of printed clothes, cleaning, drying and ironing on washing labels. According to the simple explanation of the name, it is also the washing mark that prints the washing information.

What is Cloth label

Cloth label refers to the woven label made of cloth. There are many types of woven labels, including cloth art and some special materials, such as PU leather, wood chips and shells

What is Weaving mark

Weaving Mark, also known as weaving Mark, cloth mark and shipping mark, these words can basically replace each other. Woven labels are widely used as key marks for clothes, clothing accessories, household textiles, bags and various handicrafts to distinguish between brands and other sizes, models and specifications of the brand.

Clothing collar label is a label used in the field of clothing industry, and its application scope is much smaller than that of woven label.

General standard? It is sewn on the collar and waist of clothes. When buying clothes, we can do it according to the collar label?

Quickly grasp the brand and size of clothes. Collar label is the most important information mark of a garment.

Why does the weaving Mark and cloth mark need to be hemmed?

At present, weaving Mark and cloth label garment accessories are widely used, and the quantity is also high. With the development of the times, they have made progress in processing, and are widely used in clothing.

Different industries have different requirements for the size, size, color and shape of these weaving Mark and cloth label garment accessories, which plays a role in marking the products, Most people will feel that it is not impossible to show the advantages of the brand by using weaving marks and cloth label clothing accessories!

Weaving marks and trademarks are generally selvage or trimming. However, we often see that there is a lock around the weaving Mark. Some customers think that the weaving Mark also has a lock. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. Usually, the woven Mark trademark is woven by the machine without locking, which is a subsequent process. Selvage is a kind of sewing method, which is used on the edge or buttonhole of the woven Mark trademark. The stitches are very dense, and the lines are oblique or hooked, which can prevent the scattered edges of the woven mark and consolidate the computer woven mark.

Selvage is very common in woven Mark fabrics. In the requirements of garment accessories, many customers are worried about whether the fabrics are firm enough. In fact, our elders have long had corresponding methods for such questions. They have a series of methods such as touching and sizing. Of course, what we call selvage has the function of reinforcement to a certain extent, At the same time, it can also make the woven trademark more beautiful and three-dimensional.

What steps should be taken in the production of weaving marks?

Weaving marks are widely used in our life. There is a small weaving Mark cloth mark on the clothes, trousers and shoes, which is woven with the brand logo or text trademark.

It is the symbol of the clothing brand and plays a very key role in the clothing market. Weaving marks can be made into different types according to different processes, such as edge burning weaving marks, cloth Mark weaving marks, plane weaving marks, forged surface weaving marks, anti-counterfeiting weaving marks, etc.

of course, it can also be divided into cotton yarn, polyester, metal thread and fish silk thread weaving marks because of different materials and processes, and there are certain differences in quality.

What are the steps in the production process of the weaving Mark factory

The production process of the weaving Mark factory has to go through a variety of steps: drawing out – yarn matching and yarn selection – computer flower writing – yarn threading – on the machine and pan head – post process, etc. we all need to check each link in order to ensure the customer’s product quality problems. Summary of years of production experience of Dongguan Ren’s computer weaving Mark: two details that should be paid attention to in the weaving Mark production process: 1. Color yarn matching and 2. Post process cutting. Generally, as long as the color and post process are in place, the printed weaving Mark sample version is basically no different from the original version.

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