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woven labels nyc : The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Woven label is a kind of trademark clothing accessories, also known as clothing trademark, woven label, label, collar label, main label, and cloth label. Some people call it LOGO. The professional knowledge of weaving labels is very important to the practitioners of weaving labels.

What kind of woven label can be provided


Size: It can be safely customized according to customer requirements

Shape: can be made into any shape

Material: white satin, black satin, white flat, black flat, red warp, blue warp, etc.

Process: burned edge, trimmed edge, crocheted edge, crocheted needle, ditch edge mark, wood machine, crochet machine, dyed mark, hot color mark, etc.

Environmental protection materials: polyester, nylon, cotton yarn

The latter process: shaping, edge folding, half folding, right angle folding, trimming, four-corner cutting, surface finishing, laser cutting, laser cutting, hot pattern cutting, seam sizing, paste, increase hardness, special-shaped cutting, dyeing, hot color, Cut, etc.

Production cycle: 1-4 days for proofing, within one week for mass goods

Quotation notice: need to provide specifications, quantity, color, process (folding, cutting, laser, seaming, etc.)

What is Woven lables

In fact, the woven label is closely related to our lives.

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at is Woven lables

It can be said that we meet with it almost every day, but you don’t know its name. Many people don’t know the term woven mark, especially the word mark, many people don’t know how to pronounce it, let alone the meaning. If I ask you to know what it means, if you haven’t understood it, you won’t be able to come back. Now I will introduce you some knowledge related to label weaving.  

woven label is actually similar to the hang tags of various commodities in our lives, but it is different from ordinary hang tags. As the name implies, the word weaving knows that it is woven, it is a cloth product, and it is woven in various

What is the difference between woven label and printed label

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Woven label is a kind of cloth label that contains text, letters, and LOGO patterns, and the printed label is a printed trademark. In other words, the cloth label is woven during the ribbon generation process, and the trademark is printed after the ribbon is generated.

The production efficiency of the woven label is low, while the production efficiency of the printed label is high; the woven label is washable and not suitable for fading, and the product appears relatively high-end, while the printed label is rich in color, gorgeous, and high-definition, and the product is more fashionable.

What is Woven lables

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Woven labels are cloth labels with text, letters, and LOGO patterns that are placed on clothes and trousers. It is used by garment factories, garment factories, and home textile factories when they produce, manufacture, process or sell garments and home textiles to distinguish the source of clothing and home textiles. It is composed of text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or The combination of the above-mentioned elements, with distinctive features, is the product of modern economy.

What is Printed mark

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The printed mark is relative to the woven mark. The printed mark is a printed trademark, including the wash mark, also called the wash mark or water mark, as well as the size mark or size mark and the certificate of conformity on the clothing tag. At present, more and more garment factories make the main mark into a printing method, and the materials include ribbon, cotton belt, webbing, satin cloth, cotton cloth and so on. In this way, these main marks are also called seal marks.

What are the characteristics of woven labels

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The biggest feature of the woven label cloth label is that it can print beautiful LOGO patterns and can be washed. The clothing industry needs the most cloth labels, including main label, washing water label, ingredient label, size label, etc., followed by plush toys, bedding, Home textiles, etc., need to be washed during use, so cloth labels are generally used. Weaving cloth labels cover a wide range. All cloth labels are called cloth labels. The cloth labels are widely used in clothing, toys, Bedding, home textiles, luggage, handbags, furniture, electronic products and other industries.

What are the advantages of New York woven label manufacturers

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Anything? ‌Products are inseparable from trademarks and accessories
So what are weaving label manufacturers paying more and more attention to in recent years?
Ren’s woven label believes that woven label manufacturers pay more attention to quality and innovation!
The quality of the woven label is the first. As long as the quality is good, we can talk about everything. We must have an innovative spirit to develop different unique products and provide them to clothing, shoes, luggage factories, etc., especially the designers of these factories, the purchasing department .
The second is price, reasonable price is the key to victory
Next is the delivery date, guaranteeing the delivery date is very important

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